Amy Cornwell is a wife and busy mother of four.  Amy is the founder and owner of Trendy Scapes as well as Creative Impressions Events business.  "Everything is a Celebration here in San Antonio".  "I love to celebrate life, so naturally decorating and bringing a festive spirit and life to the holidays is right up my alley!"


If you have met Amy, you would see her Zest for life!  Her "Can Do" attitude and perseverance are what has separated herself from her peers.  At a young age, Amy found her passion and embodied the qualities she needed to launch her career.  With creativity being her strong suite she was able to put the pieces together to make her vision a reality.


With a lot of hard work, commitment, dedication, and creativity, Amy was able to start her own business in 2007.  After 7 years Creative Impressions really grew into two separate businesses, events and then seasonal decorating. The opportunity to expand the seasonal decorating side of the business was there and thus, Trendy Scapes was born!

All I can hope for the next ten years is to continue to grow. As a woman-owned business its exciting to see the growth we have had over the years! At the end of the day, we hope that our clients and everyone who sees our work sees the passion that goes into it. "It's easy to be 'cookie-cutter', especially when it comes to decor. Here at Trendy Scapes we really hope to offer something different."